“Billy and Me” by Giovanna Fletcher

Jan 29, 2015 | Bücher | 0 Kommentare

TBTB = Throwback Thursday Books

We all have those books that we have read a long time ago, before Blogs and Booktube and everything, or during a time we were just not in the mood or too busy for reviews. We only ever talk about them in memes, if ever, or if somebody directly asks us about a certain books. But there are books from those times, that we should talk about. Because they were awesome and you should read them, or they were awful and you should stay far, far away from them. Either way, here it is: Throwback Thursday for Books. If it’s been too long and you can only share a short opinion of a book, that’s fine too. Think of TBTB like a friend who asks you how you liked a book you’ve read.

Last year I was a bad book blogger, and either didn’t review books, or only reviewed them on GoodReads and never shared my review with you. I am going to start with one of those reviews.

Since today is this author’s birthday, I am going to start with the lovely Giovanna Fletcher and her debut novel „Billy and Me“. Happy Birthday Gi! Now, over to past me from November 2014:

012915_1439_TBTBBillyan1.jpgI’ve got no work done today at all, because I had to sit down and finish reading this book.

First of all, if anyone is looking for the perfect book to put on their holiday/christmas TBRs, something to read cuddled up in a blanket, in front of a fire with mulled wine (or tea) in their hand: stop looking, this is it!

It’s got everything you could possibly want from a story, the ups and downs of a new relationship that two young people rush into, with the minor complications of being a celebrity vs. the major complications of being human and having a backstory.

This book has two amazing young main characters, and a brilliant ensemble or supportive characters, all well rounded and thought out. You can’t help but fall in love with all of them (except for the „villains“ of course, and yes, I am looking at you Manager-Person-I-don’t-even-want-to-remember-the-name-of), even when they are being stupid and stubborn.

How not to fall in love with Billy Buskin? I don’t know. Thank you Gi for this wonderful story, I can’t wait to read more from you soon.

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