„Mr. Kiss and Tell“ by Rob Thomas and Jennifer Graham

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„Are you serious? I mean, it’s a huge commitment, and…“ – „So what? So’s everything worth doing.“

veronicamars„Mr. Kiss and Tell“ was all kinds of perfect, much better than the first book and made me feel like I am right back in the TV show.

The setting, the crime, the chase and the subplots, everything was well put together and could be turned into a movie right of the book. I love that feeling of being back in Neptune, and seeing everything play out in front of my eyes (or in my head) just as we used to on the TV show.

This time, the main case felt a lot less rushed, it played out over several weeks and months, I appreciated that, especially seeing the characters evolve and change during the course of time. Again, very similar to the show we love.

All the characters are back, even some you might not have expected to see, and everyone seems and feels and talks and behaves they we know and love them. I’m not ashamed to say that one of them almost made me cry, on a few pages on which he didn’t even say one word.

All that being said, I think readers who are not familiar with the TV show Veronica Mars could love this book just as much. The background information they might need from the show is delivered poignant and quickly, the plot itself can proudly stand on its own and has no need to hide behind the Veronica Mars franchise.

Thank you Rob Thomas for these books! Sincerely yours, a marshmallow, patiently waiting for the novel in which Logan will get more „on-screen“ time than a puppy.

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Meine Bewertung: 5/5

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