„Black-Eyed Susans“ by Julia Heaberlin

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Be happy. Make a wish. Never let me remember.

A girl’s memory lost in a field of wildflowers.
A killer still spreading seeds.

At seventeen, Tessa became famous for being the only surviving victim of a vicious serial killer. Her testimony put him on death row. Decades later, a mother herself, she receives a message from a monster who should be in prison. Now, as the execution date rapidly approaches, Tessa is forced to confront a chilling possibility: Did she help convict the wrong man?“

The first thing that attracted me to „Black-Eyed Susans“ was the breath-taking cover. I still can’t believe how pretty and scary it is at the same time. Then I read about how it was supposed to be a thriller, like „Gone Girl“ or „Girl on A Train“ and I was curious. Unreliable narrator, surprising plot twists. I’m usually not that surprised by those over-hyped books. Until „Black Eyed Susans“ just blew me away. I had no idea what the secret was, even though all the clues were there. I love that, when you could have known but just didn’t see. When the author was so clever, and executed their plan really well.

Thirty-two hours of my life are missing. My best friend, Lydia, tells me to imagine those hours like old clothes in the back of a dark closet. Shut my eyes. Open the door. Move things around. Search.

With that being said, it took me a really long time to read this. Which was weird, because it’s actually a really fast paced book that wraps you around it’s little finger easily. I just had a lot of trouble with the shifting point of views, at least in the beginning.

Eventually the plot overshadows it, and you just flow right through, but in the beginning, between current day Tessa and Tessa from 1995, I thought it dragged a bit and didn’t flow very well at all. It pays off though, to stick with it. I promise. And maybe it’s not as much trouble for you as it was for me.

Snow White poisoned. Cinderella enslaved. Rapunzel locked up. Tessie, dumped with bones.

I don’t want to say any more, or I will spoil you. And you should really go into this book unspoiled. Just know that it was intense, surprising, fast paced and an awesome read, even if it took me a little longer to get through it.

All those expensive tests and nothing physically wrong. All in her head. Poor thing doesn’t want to see the world. She will never be the same. Why do people think I can’t hear them?

p.s. I just realized that it isn’t marketed as a „Thriller“ but as a „novel of suspense“. Think about what could be the difference, I think that describes it really well.

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Meine Bewertung: 4/5